War and Peace - Volume I Pt III Ch 16-19

Chapter 16 - Kutuzov and his adjutants were at the rear of the column overlooking the battlefield when the French forces began bearing down on them. Kutuzov and Prince Andrey were caught by surprise as they expected the French army to be more than a mile away. In the chaos of the moment, the Russian troops began retreating, Kutuzov ordered the men back to the line but was wounded seconds later. Prince Andrey rushed to Kutuzov's side and quickly recovered the Russian flag that had fallen near Kutuzov's suite. In a surge of exhileration, Prince Andrey began running towards the Russian battery still firing upon the French to secure it's position. The sight and sound of Bolkonsky's act caused the Russian troops to advance forward, before the Prince could make it to the battery, he was knocked down with a blow to the head. Laying face up on the ground, he saw the sky for a brief moment before he lost consciousness.

Chapter 17 - Prince Bagration, in command of the right flank, sent Rostov to ask for instuctions from Kutuzov. Under fire, Rostov rode down the line toward Kutuzov, narrowly avoiding a charge from the Russian calvary guards. On the way to Pratzen, Rostov came upon Boris and Berg who had been wounded in the leg, giving them only a moment of his time, he continued onwards. After well over a five mile ride, Rostov discovered that the French ocuppied Pratzen hill, the very hill where Kutuzov was supposed to be.

Chapter 18 - Trying to locate Kutuzov, Rostov was informed from the troops around him that the Tsar had been wounded and driven off the battlefield. Riding through a field of dead, dying, and wounded soldiers, Rostov headed toward Gostieradeck where he was directed by an officer. Rostov asked around, but no one could tell him where the Tsar, or Kutuzov, might be found. It was nearly four o'clock when Rostov came upon Tsar Alexander outside the village. Surprised and happy to learn that the Tsar's injuries were untrue, Rostov froze, unable and uncertain of what to say, he rode away in despair. By five o'clock, the Russian forces were retreating towards the Augest dam amid cannonfire from the French battery on Pratzen hill. Dolokhov, who had been wounded in the hand, lead the retreat against the cannonfire across the ice covered millpond. Under the weight of the armoured soldiers, horses, cannons, and French artillery, the ice began to give way, sinking scores of troops below water.

Chapter 19 - Prince Andrey awoke on Pratzen hill to the sound of the French battery firing on the Augest damn. Napoleon was already on site, inspecting the dead and wounded, and issuing final instructions to the battery. Napoleon realized that Prince Andrey was alive and ordered him to be taken to a dressing-station after which the Prince lost consciousness once more. When he came to, the Prince was in a field hospital with other wounded and captured Russian officers. Napoleon question some and came back to Prince Andrey, during this time the Prince's view of Napoleon as his hero faded from the grim reality of the moment, his brush with death and insignificance oh human life had reduced his heroic pride and glory to one of thought and contemplation about the larger aspects of life. Near death, Prince andrey was left to the care of the local inhabitants.

Prince Andrey Bolkonsky - Married to Liza, friend to Pierre Bezukhov, enlisted in the army, son of Pince
Nikolay Bolkonsky, adjutant to general Kutuzov, currently captain
Kutuzov - General, commander in chief of the Russian forces
Prince Bagration - Russian advanced guard commander
Nikolay Rostov - Count Rostov's eldest son, a student who follows Boris into the army, cousin and taken to Sonya
Dolokhov - Officer who was reduced to the ranks, friend to Pierre
Napoleon - French Emperor, 1804

Analysis (VIII)

The Ulm Campaign and the Battle of Austerlitz in perspective:

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Grinning cheerfully like any young man who has just been under fire for the first time.

Just as a lovelorn youth dithers and freezes, to scared to force out the words he has dreamt about for nights on end, panics and looks aorund for help or any chance of delay and escape now that the longed-for moment is here and he and she are alone together.