Winslow Homer - Part 2

Some more chronological works by Winslow Homer. For biographical information see Part 1 of this post below.

1882 Fisherwoman watercolour

1882 Mending the Nets watercolour and gouache

1883 Incoming Tide, Scarboro Maine watercolour

1884 The Life Line oil on canvas

1885 Santiago de Cuba Street Scene watercolour

1885 Sponge Fishing, Nassau watercolour

1889 The Red Canoe watercolour

1890 Sunlight on the Coast oil on canvas

1892 Hound and Hunter oil on canvas

1892 Hound and Hunter watercolour

1892 Hunter in the Adirondacks watercolour

1892 On the Trail watercolour

1894 Casting, Number Two watercolour

1894 The Adirondack Guide watercolour

1898 The Turtle Pound watercolour

1899 After the Hurricane watercolour

1899 Salt Kettle, Bermuda watercolour

1899 The Gulf Stream oil on canvas

1904 Red Shirt, Homosassa, Florida watercolour