Revolution and Democracy XVII - Yemen Protests II (2011)

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Press TV
'Yemen's Saleh buying time for US'
Interview with Hesham Tillawi,
host of Current Issues TV and Radio
Published: October 26, 2011

Nationwide protests in Yemen against the US-backed regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh continue despite the harsh crackdown by the security forces.

Meanwhile, Saleh has once again promised to step down, but the anti-regime protesters say they will continue holding demonstrations until they see it with their eyes.

The embattled Yemeni ruler has repeatedly vowed to resign but has backed out at the last minute.

Press TV has interviewed Hesham Tillawi, the host of Current Issues TV and Radio from Louisiana, about why Saleh refuses to step down despite the growing national and international calls for him to do so.

Press TV: Saleh promises to cede the power while at the same time his harsh crackdown on the protesters. What does he have to gain by clinging to power the way he is?

Tillawi: He is not really clinging to power but his time has not come yet. They are buying time; Saleh was finished a long time ago. When he went injured to Saudi Arabia, they could have easily kept him there but Yemen is not ready, that is the problem. It is not that Ali Abdullah Saleh does not want to relinquish power; it is Yemen is not ready at this time for the US because they [the US and its Western allies] were very much busy with Libya and now they are busy with Syria.

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