Susan Mary (Lily) Yeats (1866-1948)

Rose and olive cushion cover, designed by
William Morris and executed by Lily Yeats, ca. 1902

Lily Yeats painted by her father,
John Butler Yeats (1839–1922)

was an embroiderer associated with the Celtic Revival.
Born in County Sligo, Ireland, she was the daughter of John Butler Yeats
and the sister of William Butler, Jack and Elizabeth Yeats. She became
involved in the Arts and Crafts movement in London, working as assistant
to May Morris. Returning to Dublin in 1900, she and her sister Elizabeth
joined Evelyn Gleeson in the Dun Emer crafts studio, where she ran the
needlework section. In 1908 she founded the embroidery department
of Cuala Industries, with which she was involved until its dissolution
in 1931. She is known for her embroidered pictures.

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John Butler Yeats (1839–1922):
Lily Yeats at Bedford Park, n.d.

Photograph of the embroidery room at the Dun Emer
Industries, ca. 1903, where Lily Yeats was the director
of the embroidery works

Peonies and PLums; An embroidered cushion square

Apple Tree