E. Mcknight Kauffer – part 1

Facts on E. McKnight Kauffer from Wikipedia:

Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890 –1954) was an American-born artist noted for his avant-garde graphic design and poster art, especially in Britain. He was born on in 1890, in Great Falls, Montana. By 1910 he had moved to San Francisco working as a bookseller and studying art at the California School of Design from 1910 to 1912. At around this time Professor Joseph McKnight of the University of Utah became aware of Kauffer's work, sponsored him and paid to send him to Paris for further study. In gratitude Kauffer took his sponsor's name as a middle name.

Kauffer stopped in Chicago for six months in 1912-1913 and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. While there he visited the Armory Show, one of the first major exhibitions to introduce the styles of modernism to American viewers. It seems likely that this had a major impact on Kauffer, who would work in many of the same styles throughout his career. He arrived in Paris in 1913 and studied at the Académie Moderne until 1914. At the beginning of WW1 Kauffer moved to London and remained there for most of his career. He was briefly associated with Robert Bevan’s Cumberland Market Group.

Kauffer may be best known for the 140 posters that he produced for London Underground, and later London Transport, The posters span many styles: many show abstract influences, including futurism, cubism, and vorticism; others evoke impressionist influences such as Japanese woodcuts. He created posters for Shell Oil and other commercial clients, and also illustrated books and book covers. Later he also became interested in textiles, interior design and theatrical design.
He returned to New York City in 1940 at the beginning of WW2 and tried to find work in advertising. He struggled in the more competitive atmosphere there, until he was approached to do a series of posters for American Airlines in 1947. American Airlines remained his primary client until his death in 1954.

This is part 1 of 3-part post on the works of E. McKnight Kauffer:

1915 In Watford

1915 Oxhey Woods published by Underground Electric Railway Company

1915 Reigate published by Underground Electric Railways

1915 The North Downs published by Underground Electric Railways

1916 Self promotional poster artwork in Colour Magazine

1919 Daily Herald poster

1919 The London Group poster

1920 Epping Forest published by Underground Electric Railways

1920 Hainault Forest by Motor Bus published by Underground Electric Railways

1921 Winter Sales are best reached by Underground

1922 Poster for The Westminster Press

1922 Winter Sales are best reached by Underground

1922 Winter Sales version 2

1923 Cover for Commercial Art Magazine

1923 Museum of Natural History poster

1923 Reigate Priory Park By Motor Bus

1923 The Heaths, Surrey No. 178 for London Buses

1923 Advertisement for W. G. Briggs using London Transport poster

1924 Advertisement for Shell

1924 Advertisement for Shell

1924 Poster for Eno's Fruit Salt

1924 Winter Sales are best reached by Underground

1925c Shell Aviation Fuel advertisement

1927 Metropolis

1928 BBC Handbook cover

1928 Press advertisement for Chrysler

1928 Press advertisement for Eno's Fruit Salt

1928 Press advertisement for 'Commercial Art'

1929 Cover for The Studio Magazine

1929 Illustration for "Elsie and the Child" by Arnold Bennett

1929 Whitsuntide published by Underground Electric Railways

1930 Illustration from Marina by T.S. Eliot

1930-31c Leaflet for Fortnum & Mason

1931 Illustration for Triumphal March by T.S. Eliot

1931 Play Between 6-12, The Bright Hours published by London Underground

1931 Poster for Shell

1931c Leaflet for Curwen Press

1932 Chiswick Works brochure for London General Omnibus Co. Ltd.

1932 London Underground poster

1932c Stonehenge poster issued by Shell Oil & Petrol

1933 Art Now

1933 BP Ethyl Controls Horse-Power © BP Archive

1933 Book cover

1933 Go Great Western to Cornwall

1933 London Underground poster

1933 Poster for exhibition of own watercolours

1933 Whitsuntide Holiday for London Underground

1934 Book cover design