The Onion Johnnies...

London in the 1920's - A Breton onion seller

Onion Johnnies are Breton farmers and agricultural labourers 
on bicycles who sell distinctive pink onions door to door in Great Britain
The golden age was during the 1920s; in 1929 nearly 1,400 Johnnies imported
 over 9,000 tonnes of onions to the UK. Declining since the 1950s to only 
a few, the Onion Johnny was once very common. With renewed 
interest since the late 1990s by farmers and the public in 
small-scale agriculture,  their numbers have 
recently made a small recovery


 Eighteen-year-old Jean Berthevas from Santec in Brittany, 
who works as a door-to-door onion seller around London, 25th Feb. 1939

Breton onion sellers tour on bicycles during the summer, 
selling onions from door to door in South Wales

Onion Johnnies

An Edinburg Onion Johnny studio portrait