Selling prints...

Walter Goodman: 'The Printseller’s Window', 1883

'A Windy Day - scene outside the shop of Bowles, 
the printseller, in St. Paul's Churchyard', made between 1751-1814
 by Robert Dighton the Elder (1747-1814)

Paris Street Cries by Bouchardon, 1737-42

 Paul Seignac: 'The Printseller'

Spectators at a print shop. 
Carington Bowles. London, 1774

Ecce Homo attributed to Francesco Bartolozzi, 1775
The window of Matthew Darly's print-shop in the Strand 
is being violently attacked by a man (William Austin), 
with the appearance of a maniac

'Very Slippy Weather' by James Gillray (1757-1815)
shows a scene outside Miss Humphrey's print shop with 
a crowd looking at the prints, February 10, 1808.

William Humphrey (ca.1740-ca.1810) was a London engraver and printseller 
who supplied many of the greatest collectors of his period. This promotional 
print shows a crowd of Regency England print collectors admiring the 
latest selection of prints in his shop window

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-69): 'The Printseller', 1651

An illustration by Charles Edmund (C.E.) Brock
for Jane Austen's Persuasion, 1909

Hugo F. d’Alesi (1849-1906): 
Poster for the Centenaire de la Lithographie, 1895