'Raven Stamp' by Larry Vienneau Jr.

 Raven's Call

'The Forest is pierced by the Raven’s Call
Beak extended, feathers unfurled,
They listen for the next hurled insult.
Each is armored against the onslaught,
Their hoarse throated calls resonated with defiance'.

 Larry Vienneau Jr. is the artist behind these
amazing raven artworks on Etsy: 'Raven Stamp'
He writes:

I lived in Alaska for 12 years. Though I left over ten years ago, 
my heart is still there. My 'Raven Series' began in 1992 as book illustrations 
for an Alaskan Native writer John Smelcer and I have continued to explore
 the images associated with this incredible bird. I use traditional and 
 fictional mythologies to create these image of Raven. These are 
Intaglio (etchings) prints on paper

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