Gertrud Kraus (1901-77)

Gertrud Kraus (1901-77) was an Israeli pioneer of modern dance in Israel. 
She was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. Gertrud Kraus studied piano at the State 
Academy in Vienna but after graduating decided that what she really loved was dance. 
She enrolled again at the State Academy, this time in the modern dance department headed
 by Gertrud Bodenwieser. After graduation, she joined Bodenwieser's dance company. A few 
months later, she opened a studio and began rehearsing solos to perform by herself. In the 
1920s, Kraus's style was known as expressionistic dance, or German dance. Kraus moved 
to Tel Aviv in 1935 and founded Israel Ballet Theatre in 1950-51, and became its 
artistic director. Until her death in 1977, Kraus devoted herself to teaching 
dance, as well as painting and sculpture

'Point Of Departure' 
ARMA Theatre, Ein-Hod artist's village, Israel