Goblin Market

 Illustrated by Jessie Marion King

Illustrations to the poem 'Goblin Market' - a narrative poem
by Christina Rossetti  published in 1862. 'Goblin Market' is about two
close sisters, Laura and Lizzie, as well as the goblins to whom the title refers.
Although the sisters seem to be quite young, they live by themselves in a house,
and are accustomed to draw water every evening from a stream. As the poem begins,
twilight is falling, and as usual, the sisters hear the calls from the goblin merchants,
who sell fruits in fantastic abundance, variety and savour. On this evening, Laura
lingers at the stream after her sister has left for home, intrigued by the goblins'
 strange manner and appearance. Wanting fruit but having no money,
 the impulsive Laura offers a lock of her hair and
'a tear more rare than pearl'...

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 'Goblin Market' illustrated
by Rackham (1867-1939)

 'Goblin Market' illustrated by Rackham (1867-1939)

'Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy'

  'Buy from us with a golden Curl'
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1962

lllustration by Warwick Goble

 'Goblin Harvest', ca.1910
by Amelia M Bowerley or Bauerle (-1916)

John Byam Listen Shaw's illustration for 'Goblin Market'

 'Come buy from us with a golden Curl', 1914
I've already posted this artwork by Hilda Hechle (1902-1938)
but I just had to do it again!

'Goblins' Market' by Margaret Tarrant

'Goblin Market', ca. 1910-20
by Dion Clayton Calthrop (1848-1937)