Autumn sun before sundown...

Herbarium composition, Atuumn photo print
Size 20 x 20cm/8 x 8"
from: Peraboom, Etsy

 'In the Company of Wolves' art print, by Caitlin Clarkson.
'Their eyes reflected the light from the kitchen and shone like a
hundred candles', by Angela Carter, from 'In the Company of Wolves'
 from: Caitlin Clarkson Illustration, Etsy

Handmade ceramic cup with lovely heart laced
handle and a dark orange glaze
from: Oli's Cupboard, Etsy

 A beautiful Sari border from India The deep grey background 
is perfectly Fall-like with the mustard, green, and grey flowers.
from: Woman Shops World, Etsy

'Bittersweet Vine' Heartland DK yarn made of soft and snuggly merino 
wool. Its excellent stitch definition makes it perfect for decorative stitch 
patterns, complex cable designs, or lustrous colour work
from: Heartland Yarn Company, Etsy

Structure of Stardust - an original painting. It is oval, 
and was painted on smooth arches watercolour paper with 
acrylic, metallic inks and watercolour
from: Elise Mahan Fine Art, Etsy

Little primitive folk art 'Red Fox', OOAK art doll
painted with acrylic, coffee and cinnamon
from: Natali Bright, Etsy