Jewellery from Hairy Growler - pure magic

This wonderful flattened solid silver spoon Raven is an 
inspired design, celebrating Hairy Growler love of Autumn, 
Corvids and wonderful nature

Enter a world where pennies become pendants and cutlery becomes couture. 
Hairy Growler Jewellery Co. bring the twinkle of nature and the magic of myth 
to contemporary jewellery design. Each piece of our jewellery is crafted from 
100% recycled raw materials from Sterling Silver, pre 1919 English coins, 
to the forks and spoons of the Victorian dining table.

 Hairy Growler's website is here

A lovely old silver half crown reborn as a lovely, 

 Blodeuwedd, the owl in your life....This is a gorgeous necklace to wear and 
absolutely perfect for partying or wandering through the woods! It has been meticulously 
handcrafted from three large 120 year old recycled solid silver Crown coins

As with the other bird ring faeries and pixies in this collection this 
beautiful little fairy and blackbird have been made from sterling 
silver 1890's shilling and florin coins

Every single one of these hares is carefully hand cut from within a 
recycled 50p coin. Each coin requires a great deal of time and attention to 
transform it from an unused, valueless coin into a beautiful work of art

hand using a solid silver Victorian dessert spoo