'A Tale of Two Brothers'

'A Tale of Two Brothers' 
by Eveline Hasler, illustrated by Kathi Bhend
Once, two brothers lived in a valley. Both brothers were physically 
deformed with humps on their backs. One brother was good and kind, helpful 
and friendly, and the other was the opposite. It was time to repair the old hut up in the 
mountains, but even though it was the lazy brother's turn, he didn't want to go. So the 
good brother went and did the job instead. On his way through the forest, he saw the 
beauty in everything he passed, from a sparkling stream to poisonous, iridescent 
mushrooms to a warty old toad. In the night, magical beings visited him. 
What happened that night changed both brothers' lives forever. 
This lyrical folktale reinforces the power of positive thinking
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