Victorian faux snow

Billie Barlow, as 'Mercury' in Orpheus and Eurydice, NY December 1884
Photo by Benjamin J. Falk (New York, 1853-1925) 

 Winter presented special technical problems for Victorian-era photographers; 
their chemicals did not always behave properly in freezing temperatures, and processes 
of the day were unable to capture snowflakes in mid-air. So what the photographers 
could not accomplish in nature, they simulated indoors, under their studio skylights

 Young girl in hat, coat and snow muff, Newark, New Jersey

The dancer Helene Menzeli, during a 'Snowstorm', 1875
by Napoleon Sarony (New York, 1821-1896)

 Victorian studio cabinet card of a beautiful woman

A Brother and Sister, Chestertown, New York
Love the snowflakes...

Young girl in the 'snow', North Bend, Nebraska

Two anonymous young women, Mansfield, Ohio