Roman Poetry IV - Martial

Epigrams Book VIII, Section 3, Line 5
Marcus Valerius Martialis (41-104 AD)

[A]nd when Mesalla's stones lie broken by decay and the tall marbles of Licinus are dust, I shall still be read and many a stranger shall carry my poems with him to the land of his ancestors.

Martial VIII 3.5 sqq (read Martial, Book VIII, Section 3, Line 5)

Mesalla's stones - his tomb, no doubt.
Licinus - a rich freedman of August who built himself a magnificent tomb.

The Original:

[E]t cum rupta situ Messallae saxa iacebunt
altaque cum Licini marmora puluis erunt,
me tamen ora legent et secum plurimus hospes
ad patrias sedes carmina nostra feret.