Russian Poetry XXIV - Fyodor Tyutchev - Nightfall

Nightfall (1826)
Fyodor Tyutchev (1803–1873 AD)

Down from her head the earth has rolled
the low sun like a redhot ball.
Down went the evening's peaceful blaze
and seawaves have absorbed it all.

Heavy and near the sky had seemed.
But now the stars are rising high,
they glow and with their humid heads
push up the ceiling of the sky.

The river of the air between
heaven and earth not fuller flows.
The breast is ridded of the heat
and breathes in freedom and repose.

And now these goes through Nature's veins
a liquid shiver, swift and sweet,
as though the waters of a spring
had come to touch her burning feet.

Translation by Vladimir Nabokov from
Verses and Versions: Three Centuries of Russian Poetry