Joe Tilson - pop artist - part 2

This is part two of a two-part post on the works of English pop artist Joe Tilson.  For biographical information on Tilson and more works, see part one below.

1963 Vox Box relief

1964 21st screenprint & mixed media

1964 Ziggurat screenprint

1965 Three Wristwatches screenprint

1969 Ecology, Fire, Air, Water, Earth screenprint

1969 Letter from Che mixed media

1969-70 A - Aperture Card screenprint

1969-70 G - Guillaume Apollinaire screenprint

1969-70 W - Wittgenstein and Muhammed screenprint

1970 A E I O U mixed media

1971 Let a Thousand Parks Bloom screenprint

1972 Earth Ritual screenprint

1972 Four Elements - Mudra mixed media

1972 Mother Earth mixed media

1976 Origins intaglio

1978 Proscinemi, Tyrins mixed media

1982 Proscimeni for Demeter Version A oil

1989 Liknon Red screenprint