The Fun of Cooking, 1915

Gingerbread man

'The Fun of Cooking - A Story for Girls and Boys', 1915
by Caroline French Benton
illustrated by Sarah K. Smith

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The Christmas elves

Christmas Elves, anno 1915

Take a square of thin wood and drive two long, slender nails
through it; these are the legs of the elf. Turn it upside down
and push two large raisins on each nail, and then a fig on
both—these are the legs and the body. Take a wire about
four inches long, and put two raisins on each end, twisting
up the ends to hold them. Lay this across the fig body and
press it down to hold it firm. Put a marshmallow on a wooden
toothpick, and put that on top for a head, and half of a fig for
a cap. Draw eyes, nose, and mouth on the face with pen and
ink, and, if you choose, brush a little melted chocolate on the
sides of his head, for hair. Put a sprig of Christmas green in his cap

Brownie rolled the crackers

The Christmas cakes