...with a nightcap

By John Tenniel
from 'Through the Looking Glass'
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A gentlemen's nightcap, UK 1610-20
The linen ground finely embroidered with gold thread
curling stems with carnations, bunches of grapes,
thistles, roses, pansies, iris and strawberries

A man in a nightcap with a devil pulling on the end,
Illustrated by Allen Lewis

The pomegranate motif embroidered on this red velvet
nightcap symbolised fertility and was widely used on textiles
in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe and the Orient. It
is said to have belonged to Major Buntine, who was appointed
Master of the Horse of Scotland during the reign of Cromwell

The old man's head, crowned with a nightcap, appeared
Thomas Hardy's 'The Trumpet-Major', 1880,
Scanned image by Philip V. Allingham