David Stone Martin part 2

In the world of jazz there is one artist collected the world over who has never played an instrument not even a note of music but has left his mark on the jazz culture. Illustrator David Stone Martin (1913 – 1992) was one of the most prolific and influential graphic designers of the postwar era, with his signature hand-sketched graphics with two or three primary colours, perfectly capturing the energy and spontaneity of the jazz idiom.

This is part 2 of a 4-part post on the works of David Stone Martin. For biographical notes on Martin, and for earlier works see part 1: 

1953 Flip Phillips Collates [10" LP]

1953 Illinois Jacquet Collates No. 2 [Clef Records 10" mono LP]

1953 Johnny Hodges Collates Vol. 2 [Clef Records]

1953 Lester Young Collates No. 2 [Mercury Records 10" LP]

1953 Norman Granz' Jam Session No. 1 [Verve Records catalogue no. V-8049 mono]

1953 Norman Granz' Jam Session No. 2 [Mercury Records]

1953 Norman Granz' Jam Session No. 4 [Verve Records]

1953 The Gene Krupa Trio [Verve Records catalogue no. MGV-8031]

1954 An Evening with Mary Ann McCall and Charlie Ventura [Norgran Records mono LP]

1954 Billie Holiday at Jazz at the Philharmonic [Clef Records 10" LP]

1954 Lester Young "The President" [Norgran Records]

1954 Moods for Lovers played by Lew White [FDR records catalogue no. MH 33 103]

1954 Oscar Peterson plays Irving Berlin [Mercury Records 12" LP]

1954 Oscar Peterson plays Richard Rogers [Clef Records catalogue no. EP-215]

1954 Stan Getz at the Shrine [Norgran Records]

1954 The Gene Krupa Sextet [Clef Records]

1954 The Genius of Art Tatum No. 2 [Clef Records]

1954 The Genius of Art Tatum No. 3 [Clef Records]

c1954 The Genius of Art Tatum No. 9 [Clef Records catalogue no. EP-271]

1954 The Music of Buddy Franco [Norgran Records catalogue no. EP N-6]

1954 The Roy Eldridge Quintet [Karusell Records catalogue no. KEP 242]

1954 The Tal Farlow Album [Norgran Records catalogue no. MG N-1047]

1954 Toshiko (Toshiko Akiyoshi) [Norgran Records]

1955 Alto Sax - Benny Carter, Charlie Parker,Johnny Hodges, Willie Smith [Norgran Records catalogue no. MG N-1035 12" LP]

1955 Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five No. 4 [Clef Records 12" LP]

1955 Benny Carter Plays Pretty [Norgran Records]

1955 Buddy DeFranco & Oscar Peterson play George Gershwin No. 1 [Norgran Records catalogue no. EP N-89]

1955 Buddy Rich "Sing and Swing with Buddy Rich" studio album [Norgran Records catalogue no. MG N-1031]

1955 Buddy Rich and Sweets Edison [Norgran Records catalogue no. MG N-1038]

1955 Charlie Parker [Clef Records 12" LP]

1955 Charlie Parker [Columbia Records Clef Series EP]

1955 Dizzy Gillespie "Dizzy and Strings" [Norgran Records EP]

1955 Interpretations by the Stan Getz Quintet No. 3 [Norgran Records 12" LP]

1955 Jam Session No. 5 [Clef Records 12" LP]

1955 Johhny Hodges Dance Bash No. 1 [Norgran Records catalogue no. EP N-117  7"]

1955 Lester Young [Norgran Records 12" LP]

1955 Lionel Hampton Big Band No. 1 [Clef Records catalogue no. EPC-367]

1955 Lionel Hampton Quintet [Clef Records 12" LP]

1955 Norman Granz' Jam Session No. 6 [Clef Records 12" LP]