Turkish Poetry IX - Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan - Mountain Wind

Mountain Wind
Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

I see that there is also falling apart from you in my destiny
To be honest, I never thought of this before..
Before I knew you
And before I loved you, crazy like this
I used to say loneliness is good
Pack up, and get away from this city
Towards the mountains you see like a line in the horizon
Go to the seas with the iodine smell
I used to say, go as far as you can
However, I understood that it is impossible to escape from you
I understood that it is impossible to endure your absence even for one day.
I didn't know this before.

I am trying to endure anyway
I pick a wild flower that looks like your eyes
I call the clouds passing by, thinking that they are your hands
Whenever the wind brings a nice smell
I console myself saying that it has caressed and brought your hair
Living another time with you
Living you at another time
You, before everything
Definitely you
Undoubtedly you
You can be far away
You can be by my side
It is enough that you exist in this time
That is enough, even if I don't exist
I am winding you up a woolen ball since years
You never come to an end
It is obvios as day that I am helpless
What flows from the fountains as water is your beauty
Your kindness is the light falling on my face
You, as warm as the sun
As real as the nature
You, the reason of flowers growing in gardens
Higher than the water, the air, the sun
You, the only love inside me
You, the only light that I can see

Take a breath for me
Don't leave me airless
Look at the clouds, the skies also for me
If I say I am thirsty
You must drink a sip of water
If I get tired, you must sleep
My hands want to be loved
My hair wants to be caressed
My lips want to be kissed
You must understand.

Trees don't have green any more
The sky lost the blue
These mountains aren't those mountains
They don't have the smell of thyme in the winds
Who is this desperate man
Whose are these red eyes
Sleepless for so many nights
With no day
With no night
I understood
It is impossible to live without you in this world
It is impossible.