Alex Steinweiss - part 4

Alex Steinweiss (1917 - 2011)  played a seminal role in record cover design as the art director for Columbia Records as well as other record companies, London, Decca and A & R records. He revolutionized the way records were packaged and marketed. His genre-defining work in the visual expression of music transformed both the design and the music industries.

For full biographical notes on Alex Steinweiss see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 - 3 also.

This is part 4 of a 6-part post on the works of Alex Steinweiss:

1950 Gershwin "Second Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra / Variations on 'I Got Rhythm' / Preludes 1, 2, 3" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2073] signed Steinweiss

1950 Paganini "Concerto No. 1 in Major opus 6" Saint-Saëns "Concerto No. 3 in B Minor opus 61" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4315] signed Steinweiss

1950 Chopin "Les Sylphides Ballet" Villa-Lobos "Uirapurú (A Symphonie Poem)" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4255]

1950 Ravel "Shéhérazade" Moussorgsky "Songs and Dances of Death" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4289] signed Steinweiss

1950 Ravel " Daphnis et Chloe Suites Nos. 1 and 2" Schönberg "Verklärte Nacht (Tranfigured Night)" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4316] signed Steinweiss

1950 Mozart "Symphony No. 41 in C Major k551 / Symphony No. 38 in D Major k 504" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4313] signed Steinweiss

1950 Tchaikovsky "Capriccio Italien" Bizet "Carmen Suite" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4287] signed Steinweiss

1950-51 Mary Martin "Anything Goes by Cole Porter" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2159] signed Steinweiss

1950 Serge Prokofiev "Symhony No. 6 in E-Flat Minor, Op. 111" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4328] signed Steinweiss

c1950 "The Music of Vincent Youmans" [Columbia Records catalogue no. CL 734] signed Steinweiss

c1950 Kostelanetz Strings [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2100] signed Steinweiss

c1950 Grieg "Piano Concerto in A Minor opus 16" [Remington Records catalogue no. R-199-3] signed Steinweiss

1950s "Flamenco" [Remington Records]

1950s Bruch "Violin Concerto" [Remington Records]

1950s Cascading Strings [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8499]

1950s Chopin "12 Waltzes" [Remington Records]

early 1950s Khachaturian "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4288] signed Steinweiss

early 1950s Tchaikovsky "Symphony No. 6 in B Minor opus 74" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4299] signed Steinweiss

early to mid 1950s "An Enchanted Evening with Mantovani and his Orchestra" [London Records catalogue no. LL766]

early to mid 1950s "Mantovani and his Orchestra play Tangos" [London Records catalogue no. LL768]

early to mid 1950s "Evening in Paris" [London Records catalogue no. LL997]

early to mid 1950s Mantovani "Romantic Melodies" [London Records catalogue no. LL979]

mid 1950s "New Directions in Music and Sound Vol 1" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9769] signed Piedra Blanca

mid 1950s mid "Gershwin for Moderns..." [London Records catalogue no. LL 1217]

mid 1950s mid "Dance to the Songs Everybody Knows" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 4119]

mid 1950s "Something to Remember You by…" [London Records catalogue no. LL 1231]jpg

mid 1950s "Whispering Moonlight" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8063] signed Piedra Blanca

mid 1950s Wolf-Ferrari "The Secret of Suzanne" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9770] signed Piedra Blanca

mid 1950s "The Music of Richard Rodgers" [London Records catalogue no. LL1209]

mid 1950s Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue / Concerto in F" [London Records catalogue no. LL 1262]

mid 1950s Richard Strauss "Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra" Jean Francaix "Concertina for Piano and Orchestra" Arthur Honegger "Concertina for Piano and Orchestra" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. 9900]

mid 1950s Ted Heath "The London Palladium Vo. 3" [London Records catalogue no. LL 1211]

mid 1950s Paul Hindemith "Die Harmonie Der Welt" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9765] signed Piedra Blanca

mid 1950s Schumann "Symphony No. 4 in D Minor opus 120" Haydn "Symphony No. 88 in G Major" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9767] signed Piedra Blanca

1951 Music at Midnight [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2171] signed Steinweiss

1951 Beethoven "Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra opus 61" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4371] signed Steinweiss

1951 Handel-Beecham "The Faithful Shepherd Suite" Haydn "Symphomy No. 93 in D Major" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 54374] signed Steinweiss

1951 Tchaikovsky "Symphony No. 5" [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4400] signed Steinweiss

1952 "Simon Barere Recital" [Remington Records catalogue no. R-198-85] signed Steinweiss

1952 Brahms "Sonata No. 1 in G Major op. 78 for Piano and Violin" + others [Remington Records catalogue no. R-199-84] signed Steinweiss

1952 Enesco "Roumanian Rhapsody" Smetana "The Moldau" [Remington Records catalogue no. R-149-52] signed Steinweiss

1952 Mozart "Symphony No. 29 in A Major k.201" Weber "Symphony No. 2 in C Major" [Remington Records catalogue no. R.199.112] signed Steinweiss

1952 Mozart "Concerto No. 3 in G Major k 216 for Violin and Orchestra" Handel "Water Music Suite" [Remington Records catalogue no. R-199-131] signed Steinweiss

1952 Mozart "Concerto No. 4 in D Major k 218 for Violin and Orchestra" [Remington Records catalogue no. R-199-125] signed Steinweiss

1953 "Invitation to Dining" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8057] signed Piedra Blanca

1953 "Cinema Rhapsodies" Victor Young and his Singing Strings [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8051] signed Piedra Blanca

1953 "Invitation to Cocktails" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8056] signed Piedra Blanca

1953 Bizet "Carmen (excerpts)" [Remington Records]

1953 Gordon Jenkins' "Seven Dreams" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 9011] signed Piedra Blanca

1953 Rimsky-Korsakoff "Scheherazade Symphony Suite for Orchestra" [Remington Records signed Steinweiss]

1954 "An Evening with Andrés Segovia" [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9733] signed Piedra Blanca

1954 "…For Listening Only" [Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8082]