Greek Mythology III - Book 1 of Argonautica, Trans. by R. C. Seaton (5-17)

[5] Such was the oracle that Pelias heard, that a hateful doom awaited him to be slain at the prompting of the man whom he should see coming forth from the people with but one sandal. And no long time after, in accordance with that true report, Jason crossed the stream of wintry Anaurus on foot, and saved one sandal from the mire, but the other he left in the depths held back by the flood. And straightway he came to Pelias to share the banquet which the king was offering to his father Poseidon and the rest of the gods, though he paid no honour to Pelasgian Hera. Quickly the king saw him and pondered, and devised for him the toil of a troublous voyage, in order that on the sea or among strangers he might lose his home-return.

Several Death in Apollonius Rhodius' Argonautica
[5-7] From the beginning the search of the Argonauts is placed under the sign of death. Apollonius in his proemium focuses on Apollo’s prophecy to Pelias and its consequences. However epic death par excellence is death in battle, whereas no Argonaut perishes on the battle field.