American Poetry LVVI - Langston Hughes - As I Grew Older

'Stay True', greeting card

The white stag...

Helen Stratton illustrations from 1913

...more white stags...

The White Hart

White needle felt stag

The World At War V - 128 years of War

Finding Inspiration LXXIV - Find Your Strong

The Chinese Way VIII - Pei Ju Tsai - Ba Wang Xie Jia (Hegemon King lost a battle)

Art Gallery LVI - Debra Houston - Hidden Path

American Me IX - Amidst the Storm

Revolution and Democracy XXI - The Syrian Civil War

'The Cat That Walked by Himself'

You know that tail when you see it!

No worry and no sorrow...

'The Stricken Oak'

by Mark Hearld

Woodcuts by Ian MacCulloch

Leonardo da Vinci – part 2