...and small straw boater...

 A 1906 postcard of
the English actress Hilda Trevelyan (1877-1959)

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 Two Australian women dressed for a game of tennis, 1890-1900.
Both wear dark skirts and light coloured blouses with puffed sleeves.
The woman on the left has a turned-down collar with a short necktie.
The woman on the right's blouse has a high, starched collar. She
holds a tennis racquet. Both women wear straw boater
hats perched on top of their hair

Detail of 'The Cycle Hut in the Bois de Boulogne'
 by Jean Béraud (1849-1935) 

A carte-de-visite portrait of a woman wearing a straw boater
by George Austin of 70 Seaside, Eastbourne, UK, ca. 1900

 William Ludwell Sheppard: 'In the Hospital', 1861

This watercolor scene of a Confederate hospital ward features
a woman in a straw boater reading to a patient to help lift his spirits,
while another woman helps tend to the wounded soldier in the
next bed. Both white and black women served as
caregivers  at Confederate hospitals

Woman cycling in Brisbane, 1890-1900. Woman, dressed in a
long skirt and blouse with a hat, riding a bicycle along an unsealed road.
In the background are timber dwellings with a large shed belonging to
J. Storie, who made window sashes, doors and mouldings

This is Lady Susan Beresford and her horse (with no name).
Susan was a daughter of Lady Blanche Somerset (daughter of the 8th Duke of Beaufort)
and John Henry de la Poer Beresford (fifth Marquis of Waterford, Lord Lieutenant of
Waterford and Honorary Colonel of the Royal Artillery, South Irish Division).

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Lady holding straw hat, 1896