The Waratah flowers

Lucien Henry (1850-96): 'Waratah', 1887

Telopea speciosissima, commonly known as the New South Wales waratah 
or simply waratah, is a large shrub in the plant family Proteaceae. It is endemic 
to New South Wales in Australia and is the floral emblem of that state. No 
subspecies are recognised, but the closely related Telopea aspera 
was only recently classified as a separate species

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Hand-coloured engraving of 'Telopea speciosissima', 1793
by James Sowerby from 'A Specimen of the Botany of New Holland'

Waratah vase Decoration; the work of Laurence Hotham Howie,
a student of the School of Art and Crafts, Adelaide, South Australia.

From: R.T.Baker, 1915
'The Australian Flora in Applied Art, Part 1, The Waratah', Sydney.
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Waratah, Telopea 'Shade of Pale'
photo by Casliber

The Waratah, Telopea speciosissima floral morphology
by Edward Minchen (1862-1913)