An orange smell of Christmas...'

Make homemade garland for Christmas decoration with orange peel
Please, go to the blog Spoon and Roses and see the DIY
garland made of tangerine and orange peel

These luscious bars have been infused with pure, sweet orange
essential oil accented with warm spicy clove bud. This invigorating scent
combo  is a classic and most reminiscent of the holidays. The soaps are created
from scratch with 100% biodegradable vegetable oils. The cold process method of
soapmaking results in a product that cleans and conditions skin gently without
leaving a film on yourselves or the environment. They are naturally
free of added harsh detergents, phosphates and sulfates (SLS)

From Soap Bliss, Etsy 

 Fill oranges with a candle and accent with 
cloves for a festive table centerpiece