'The Feast of St. Nicholas'

Jan Steen (1625/26–1679): 'The Feast of St. Nicholas'
painted in ca. 1663-1665

The focal point of the painting is the youngest daughter of the family,
a golden-child, painted, in fact, in a golden smock and showing golden locks.
She has behaved all year, and Saint Nicholas has rewarded her by stuffing her shoe
with a doll and other treats, which she carries in her bucket. She is in stark contrast to her
elder brother, standing to her right, who is sobbing, while another brother looks on, laughing.
Apparently, the elder brother has been naughty, and his shoe, held up by an elder sister
behind him, was left empty. To the right a child can be seen holding a baby and
pointing up the chimney, while a younger child looks on in amazement,
as he has probably just been told that this was Sinterklaas'
method of gaining entry to the house

Jan Steen (1625/26–1679): 'The Feast of St. Nicholas'
painted between and