Stenberg brothers posters - part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on the graphic design poster work of the Stenberg brothers (Vladimir 1899 - 19882 and Georgii 1900 - 1933). For full biographical details on the brothers, and for more works, see part 1 also.

1928 The Death Loop (Arthur Robison)

1928 The Eleventh Hour of The Revolution (Dziga Vertov)

1928 The Eleventh Year (Dziga Vertov)

1928 The Man from the Forest (Georgi Stabovi)

1928 The Mystery of the Windmill (Lau Lauritzen)

1928 The Policemen

1928 The Sold-Appetite (Nikholai Okhlopkov)

1928 The Unvanquished (Arnold Korium)

1928 Under Naval Fire (Reinhold Schunzel)

1929 Chicago (Cecil B. De Mille)

1929 Engineer's Stroiga Project

1929 Fragments of an Empire (Fridrikh Ermler)

1929 In the Spring (Mikhail Kaufman)

1929 Jimmy Higgins (Georgii Tasin)

1929 Last Flight (Ivan Pravov)

1929 Moulin Rouge (E. A. Dupont)

1929 Old Number 99

1929 SEP [1] (army training film)

1929 SEP [2]

1929 The General [1] (Buster Keaton)

1929 The General [2] (Buster Keaton)

1929 The Green Alley (Richard Oswal)

1929 The Man with the Movie Camera [1] (Dziga Vertov) 

1929 The Man with the Movie Camera [2] (Dziga Vertov) 

1929 The Three Million Case (Yakov Protzanov)

1930 The Land (Dovzhenko)

1931 Comrade Airship
 I'm afraid I do not have dates for the following posters:

A Difficult Role

A Fearless Man

Child of the Market

Eyes of Andozia


Love Triangle

Negro Operetta

[Not known]

[Not known]

Ship Around

The Big Sorrow of a Small Woman

The Boxer's Wife